Joel Olson & Carole Olson, President and Secretary

(360) 694-8610

Darin Olson, Vice President

Darin is Vice President and general manager of operations at Joel Olson Trucking. Contact Darin for information about biomass or equipment sales.

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Pat B., General Manager Longview Facility

Pat is the general manager of our Longview facility. If you need a rate on a box truck, end-dump, log truck or chip truck, contact Pat.

 |  (360) 425-2415

Jeff P., Dispatch

Jeff dispatches for Joel Olson Trucking. If you need a rate on a flat-bed or curtain van, contact Jeff.

 |  (360) 694-8610

Tamra C., Dispatch Assistant

Tamra assists with dispatch at Joel Olson Trucking.

 |  (360) 694-8610

Lana D., Human Resources

Lana handles HR and Safety & Compliance for Joel Olson Trucking. If you are looking for employment or have other HR/Safety & Compliance needs, contact Lana.

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Aimee H., Office Manager

Aimee is our bookkeeper and office manager.

 |  (360) 694-8610

April D., Longview Billing

April handles billing for our Longview location.

 |  (360) 425-2415

Cathy N., Vancouver Billing

Cathy handles the billing for our Vancouver Division.

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Wendy A., Accounts Payable

Wendy handles Accounts Payable at Joel Olson Trucking.

 |  (360) 694-8610